The Agency for Gender Equality expresses deepest condolences to the victim, murdered in Llausha, Skenderaj

January 05, 2022

The Agency for Gender Equality/ OPM strongly condemns murder of Woman with initials L.Q, aged 48 Years old from Skënderaj Municipality by her husband. Domestic Violence is a ghastly, criminal and punishable act.

The Agency for Gender Equality draws attention to all state institutions for additional presence of weapons at citizens as well as violent and aggressive behavior which resulting in loss of lives of women, not enjoyment of right and disrespect of dignity and life of women.

As Agency, we are deeply engaged and committed for protection of life, respect of life and enjoyment of rights of women and girls according to human rights and expecially the rights of women. As society, as country as society of this country it is our obligation to protect the life of each individual, regardless it gender, ethnic, religious or sexual orientation.

We call all Law Enforcement Agencies to put before the responsibility the Violator and to give e maximal punishment. We should end relives measures and justification for Violators!