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Department for Administration, Budget and Finance

The Departmnt for Administration, Budget and Finance is run by Chief of Department for


Administration, coordinates administration staff and is responsible directly to Chief of Executive

of Agency. The Department has the following responsibility:

  1. Supervises directly all administrative services,
  2. Takes care to prepare and supervise budget,
  3. Represents administrative interests,
  4. Coordinates administrative work within the Agency,
  5. Supervises execution of procedures and financial policies of Officer for Budget and Finance,
  6. Supervises products and financial accounts and their realization,
  7. Prepares periodic reports for Executive Chief for financial situation of Agency,
  8. Maintains contacts with Office for Budget and Finance, Procurement Office pf OPM and Ministry of Finance,
  9. Prepares plans of internal auditor for basic financial means, donations, tenders  and in cooperation Chief of Executive ascertains fields for internal auditor,
  10. Coordinates and manages according to audit procedures (in cooperation with Procurement Office of OPM0 and ensures execution of all procurement procedures based on current Law,