UN Women and AGE have organized two days’ Workshop to enhance the cooperation and to advance the gender equality in Kosovo

February 09, 2024

The Office of UN Women Kosovo and Agency for Gender Equality (AGE) have organized two days cooperation workshop with the aim of coordination of are collecting two days the Cooperation Workshop with the aim to harmonize their collective attempts towards the common mission to advance the gender equality. During the Workshop, the representatives of two institutions were engaged in deep and strategic discussions to build the Common Agenda for empowering of women to fulfill the international mandate, norms and standards for gender equality.

AGE as main coordinator to advance the gender equality in central level was focused on promoting the measures of gender equality in national policies and programs, while UN Women in Kosovo offered support and cooperation to achieve common objectives. This activity reflects essential partnership and untiring attempts of institutions and partners based on government priorities to have impact on the process to develop national legal frame and actions to achieve national and international engagement for human rights and gender equality.