The Chief of Agency for Gender Equality Mrs. Edi Gusia is attending the conference with subject “Speed Transformation of Gender equality, experiences and lessons learned from execution of responsible gender budgeting in regional level organized in Istanbul, Turkey

November 23, 2022

In this Meeting from the Agency were presented existing practices in execution of gender responsible budgeting and presentation of undertaken actions from the Government for the Package of Economic Recovery through specific measures designed to support women 2021-2022 based on national priorities with Ministry of Finance of RKS that have drafted the concept document for Gender Responsible Budgeting approved by the Government which will lead in drafting legal acts. AGE and MF have identified UN Women as a suppotring partner in common path to draft the legal act which will enable creation of a uniformed regular meeting in country level to execute Gender responsible Budgeting in frame of public policies in the proces to plan and manage public finances and institutional structures to raise the transpeancy and accountability.