Government decided to approve Program for Gender Equality 2020-2024 and the Action Plan 2020-2022

May 23, 2020

After reviewing the Kosovo Program for Gender Equality 2020-2024 and the Action Plan 2020-2022, the Government decided to approve this Program. The decision obliges the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo to implement this Program according to the activities foreseen in the Action Plan, while the Agency for Gender Equality within the Office of the Prime Minister is obliged to monitor the implementation and to annually report on the implementation of the program.

Kosovo Program for Gender Equality 2020-2024 defines gender equality as a fundamental right and one of the important factors for economic growth, development and stability in society. Gender equality is also one of the fundamental principles of the rights set out in the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo.

The overall strategic objective of the Kosovo Program for Gender Equality is to ensure gender equality as a focus of transformational processes in all structures, institutions, policies, procedures, practices and programs of government, agencies, civil society, the private sector and the donor community. This objective is intended to be achieved by working in three directions:

Creating equal opportunities to contribute to and benefit from economic development, inclusiveness and improvement of social welfare.

Advancing gender equality through quality education, quality health, inclusiveness and utilization of human capacities in sustainable development and elimination of inequality and gender stereotypes;

  • Advancing rights to decision-making, peace, security and justice.

    Financing of Process of KPGE was secured by SIDA, while technical assistance through supporting project was execued by Consortium Niras CPM International.