September 22, 2023

Supported by the Agency for Gender Equality/ Office of PM and UN Women-Kosovo, the University of Prishtina has drafted the Action Plan for Gender Equality 2023/24-2025-26.


In accordance with the Statute of Univeristy of Prishtina and its legal obligations and according to Law on gender Equality, University of Prishtina has drafted the Action Plan for gender Equality for years 2023/24 till 2025/26

The Action Plan includes

A three years political document,

A commitment to treat the gender equality

Concrete Actions and projects,


Rector Qerimi underlined the role of gender equality ad essential referring point within EU for all institutions of Higher Education. The Rector stressed that this plan means a touchable engagment to write beyond the simple rethiorics to undertake understandandable actions. Qerimi stressed the progress achived in this regard- with execution of new status, also with composition of leading organs of University.


The Action Plan  is supported by the Office of UN Women Kosovo and Agency for Gender Equality/Office of Prime Minister


Regarding the details of Action Plan, Visit .