The Network Committee to empower the Women in Decision-making Positions in Public Sector has organized today the first meeting with Women Leaders in all Institutions of Republic of Kosovo

October 04, 2023

The aim of this Workshop is to identify the obstacles that are keeping far women from decision making, to support their participation by sharing experiences, challenges nad experiences of women that now are holding decision-making positions.

-By sharing the abilities and technical knowledge with each other to develop capacities

By enabling women to take authority and responsibility in their role bz taking high level decisions,

By motivating, stimulating, insisting and having self-confidence to develop their career.

By encouraging women to apply for broader role and to be leader in high level (process of Recruitment based on Merit-RBM),

Organizing of this conference was financed by the Agency for Gender Equality/ Office of PM within the priorities set by KPGE 2020-2023 and the recruitment project for high level positions in Koovo, executed bz BDO LLP in partnership with Talogy and financed by British Embassy